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Wali Band

Nie la lgu Wali Band yg terkenal pd tahun 2010. .
tp skrunk da goyah da
x taw knepe.
sya pown pening .
tp sya lyn ag lgu wali band

Name : Wali Band
Dirth Date : 31 October 1999
Birth Place : Jakarta, Indonesia
Genre : Pop
Active : 2008 – Present
Record Company : Nagaswara
website :

Wali Band is a musical group from BLORA, domiciled in Kapuk, Cengkareng. This band was formed in 2008. All of these guys are graduates of a religious boarding school for moslems and part is an alumnus of Syarif Hidayattullah Jakarta. Their first album was released in 2008. The band generally pop genre with a little touch of rhythm Melayu in their songs. Hit songs in this album is “Dik” and “Egokah Aku” used a model Shireen Sungkar in video clips.

Members :
* Faank (vokal)
* Apoy (gitar)
* Tomie (drum)
* Ovie (keyboard)
* Nunu (bass).


* Orang Bilang (2008)
* Cari Jodoh (2009)
* Ingat Sholawat (2009)

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